Tiempos Dracónicos

Soundtrack de un Año #72: San Sebastian

Y ya que estamos en la onda del power metal europeo, vamos con uno de mis temas insignia del género: San Sebastián.

Ad Solem Ruβrum

Every single day, for the rest of my way
I live without my love, my God, I have to stay in shade
When I’m old and gray, I remember that day
When she came, that perfect dame and she blew me away
I was eager, day time dreamer, waiting time when I’d come alive

Was it good I got to know her well although it made me see
That the sun of San Sebastian is way too hot for me?
Now I live my life in shades and I am married to the moon
And the sun of San Sebastian is warming someone new

Yeah, she is all I’ve ever needed. Indeed.